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Online Danish Courses

Danes Worldwide offers online instruction in Danish for children and teens living abroad. The instructional program is aimed at students aged 6-18 and delivers three levels of instruction: Danish for Beginners, Basic Danish, and School Level Danish.

  • Danish for Beginners is designed for those who are learning Danish for the first time.

  • Basic Danish is designed for those who speak some Danish but do not speak and write at an age appropriate level.

  • School level Danish offers instruction at grade levels 0-9. Students may finish the Grade 9 course by taking the official Danish Language Graduation Exam.



Summer School

Summer School is a three week long residential program for students aged 10-17 including instruction in language, culture, and history. This product is offered by the Danish Summer School, which is its own independent legal entity.



Family Summer School

Family Summer School is a nine day long program offering instruction in language and culture aimed at children aged 6-9 or 10-13 accompanied by their (grand)parents. This product is offered by the Danish Summer School, which is its own independent legal entity.




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Join Danes Worldwide

As a member of Danes Worldwide, you have access to a number of special offers:

  • Guidance and advice from our experts at no charge.

  • Networks – 100 representatives all over the world provide support and assistance in local matters.

  • Member discounts on hotels, car rentals, Politiken Weekly, and much more.

  • Big discounts on Danish language courses for students aged 6-18.

  • Big discounts on Summer School fees – a 17-day residential program in Denmark for students aged 10-17.

  • The DANES member magazine featuring articles on Denmark and on living abroad – mailed to your door or sent to your email.

  • The opportunity to get on the wait list for the Fredensborg residences, homes designed by Jørn Utzon for Danes returning from abroad.

In addition, you benefit from our advocacy activities on your behalf – voting rights, family reunification, IB grade conversions, and more. Danes Worldwide played a major role when legislation to allow dual citizenship was passed.

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Local Danish Courses - Learning Centers

In Bangkok and Dubai, local groups take advantage of our instructional offerings.

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We would be grateful if you could support Danes Worldwide by donating an amount of at least DKK 200 to help us provide scholarships for Danish children and teens living abroad. Find out more about tax deductions for your gift at https://www.danes.dk/en/tax-deductible-donations-to-danes-worldwide/.