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Danish for Beginners

Danish for Beginners is made for students learning Danish for the first time. The students have very limited or no knowledge of Danish.



School Level Danish

School level Danish provides courses at grade levels 0-9 corresponding to the school system in Denmark. Students in the Grade 9 course may take the Graduation Exam during Summer School (July) if they are approved to do so and if they attended the entire online Grade 9 course.

The school year has 4 terms. More than three weeks into a term, students may register for the subsequent term. Check the term dates here.


Intermediate Danish

Intermediate Danish is divided into two levels:

  • Basic Danish (B1) is suitable for those who are familiar with most grammatical rules but want to achieve greater fluency in speaking and writing. 
  • Advanced Basic Danish (B2) is for those who have mastered fundamental grammar and now wish to advance.