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Passive membership

The cost of a passive membership is 264 DKK pr. year.

As a passive member you support the work of Danes Worldwide, and at the same time you get to enjoy a number of benefits and membership offers:

  • Unlimited access to locked articles and guides on the webpage
  • The digital version of the members magazine, DANES, in which you can read articles, reports and relevant topics
  • Membership offers on hotel stays, restaurants, car rental and much more

The passive membership is for you, who have returned to Denmark, but continuously want to support the work of Danes Worldwide.

If you are interested in a passive membership you are more than welcome to contact our membership coordinator: Maiken Friis Jørgensen at

1 year membership

Price: kr. 835,00

2 years membership

Price: kr. 1.485,00

5 years membership

Price: kr. 3.495,00

Gift membership, 1 year

Price: kr. 835,00

Lifetime membership

Price: kr. 16.300,00

Test buy membership

Price: kr. 1,00

Youth membership (ages 18-26 years), 1 year

Price: kr. 240,00

Youth membership (18-26 years), 3 years

Price: kr. 600,00